The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life
comes and goes.
It appears in these lungs
so that this heart can beat.
It exhales in the world
so that flowers can grow
and the cycle repeat.
In to go out.
Out to go in.
A divine dance.
The ebbing of a wave.
The composting of death to make new life.
1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3.
Leaves on the wind.
The wind of God.
A divine breath.

The Breath of Life.




How to Love the World - header imageHome is where the Heart is.
The Heart of being.
The Heart of awareness. 
Beyond form.

Ungraspable, it holds everything in its embrace.
Beginningless, it will never end.
Unbreakable, it heals all wounds.
Unstoppable, so why not surrender
and flow
and find love where it always was;
in our Heart;
our One Heart.

I’ll see you there.
I see you there.
I see you from there
as there,
as my own Heart.
This is Home.



You broke my heart wide open
and showed me how to bathe in the Love that poured forth.
You were the gravity that pulled me in
and the ground that held me in its open arms.
You were my lighthouse shining love without attachment,
guiding me home to my own true self.
You are the finger that points to heaven on Earth;
a new dawn for a new day.
You are Grace, you are God, you are freedom come calling
and I welcome you in.


Photo by Patrick Bridgeman © 2017

Loves lost and found

Loves lost 

and found

in my heart. 
Volcanic reactions bubble up to the surface, 

erupting, at times, as temporary insanity. 
Voices from the past revisit. 

Faces that were burned into my heart. 

Eyes that once held a welcome gaze 

look out from behind a shield

for safety’s sake, 

for the inner child, 

for the chastised dog

checking to see if the coast is clear to love again,

to be best friends with the World.
Where once the love flowed,

it seems a lock is closed. 
How do you love someone?

Why doesn’t love + love = Love? 
These thoughts don’t help. 

There is no right answer. 

All things exist in this world. 

It is not for the faint-hearted. 

You must be willing to risk it all

because even if Life doesn’t take it from you,

Death will.