The Theatre of Life

Life happens.
Conditioning happens.
Beliefs happen.
Identity happens.
Reactions happen.
Thoughts happen.
Feelings happen.
Desires happen.
Fears happen.
I watch them all come and go,
the Play of Personhood,
the Dance of Relationship,
the Illusions of Time and Space
in the Theatre of Life.


The Flower of Falling in Love


The flower of falling in love
blooms in appreciation,
drinking in the beauty of what is.
Welling up and pouring over,
it bathes in the ecstasy of Now.

The vine of possessiveness,
if given half a chance,
creeps in and chokes the life from that love,
stifling growth
and suffocating expression.

They are often found together
by amateur gardeners of the soul,
who don’t know how to feed that first feeling with the food of freedom.

It is a feeling they chase;
a fleeting feeling that when fully felt and allowed to flow
bears fruit in the heart –
perfectly ripened and enjoyed.
A feeling that,
when allowed to go to seed,
spreads love through the natural wisdom of life’s breeze.

Are you growing flowers
or weeds?


Patrick Bridgeman © 2014


Falling In


Falling in
as if a new Gravity rules my world.
Pulled beneath the surface of existence;
the faint sounds of life still barely audible –
background noise.

Bring my attention to the Void.
Rest in the stillness.
Expand in the emptiness.
No edges.
No form.
No idea who I am except that I am.

No I, even.


Patrick Bridgeman © 2014

I Am

I am

These experiences happened, but I am not these experiences.
These thoughts were formed, but I am not these thoughts.
These opinions were garnered, but I am not these opinions.
These relationships came and went, but I am not these relationships.
These objects were accumulated, but I am not these objects.
This body grew and withered, but I am not this body.

And yet, I am.
Not this or that, but a simple awareness of being.
A permanency beyond the changeability of life.
A spaciousness within the density of form.
A clarity amidst the pull of opinion.
A silent knowing above the din of thought.

I am that I am.
Peerless in its oneness.
Knowable only to all as all.

Words can only point the way.

Patrick Bridgeman © 2013. All rights reserved. 



I see it on the horizon:
a ship sailing from deep within my soul,
moving ever closer on the winds of change.
As it nears, a figure comes into focus,
a lone boatman,
a new me.
shining brightly under the solstice sun,
shining brightly from within.
As it docks, he smiles in my direction,
but I am no longer there.
I’m on board,
ready to set sail into the future.


Patrick Bridgeman © 2013

The Long Moment of Now

The Long Moment of NowThe long moment of Now
in which Life breathes its first and last breath
and lives everything in-between.
The long moment of Now
in which Time was created and eventually wound down.
The long moment of Now
in which You exist always unchanging.
The long moment of Now.

Patrick Bridgeman © 2013. All rights reserved. 

Letting Go

Letting Go by Patrick Bridgeman Copyright 2013Letting go of whoever he was.
Releasing myself.
Getting rid of the past
to make space for the future
in the present.
This is my present to myself.
This is my gift;
the gift of letting go;
the gift of unshackling these chains that are holding me back.

And now that I am free,
I feel like running.

Patrick Bridgeman © 2013. All rights reserved.